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Frequently Asked Questions on eLearning

  • eLearning Basics Questions

  • I am a coaching institute - Why should I get into eLearning?

    Besides it being the current trend in the education industry, eLearning provides the following compelling business case for you:

    1) eLearning allows you to scale from your local town to all of India.
    2) An eLearning student consumes less of your resources like your faculties time, no class room space, no electricity, water or other facilities.

  • How do I get started in eLearning?

    The broad steps to get started in eLearning are:

    i) Decide which streams/courses/subjects you want to launch.
    ii) Learn to create good quality eLearning content.
    iii) Record your video lectures and make your study material suitable for a remote student.
    iv) Promote and Market your eLearning content.
    v) Get your first orders.
    vi) Distribute or Delivery your eLearning content to your remote students.

    Arride offers full range of services to get you started in eLearning right from teaching you how to make good quality video lectures, to tips in marketing your content to Arride's industry proven and widely used content distribution technology.

  • Video Lectures Creation

  • Is making video lectures difficult? Do I need to be a technical expert?

    Arride's training methodology is such that a person with average computer skills who is proficient in word processing, power point presentations, email, internet etc., after taking Arride's training can easily create video lectures.

    Arride has trained hundereds of teachers/faculties/institutes to record their own video lectures. Click the read more button to view the testimonials.

  • Will I need a large video editing team with camera men to create video lectures?

    No. Most faculties trained by Arride are single handedly recording their video lectures. Arride's training is designed in such a manner that the faculty becomes independent of the need any camera man, video editor etc. Thus faculty can record video lectures as and when he has time without dependence on the availability of third parties.

  • How costly is the equipment I need to record video lectures?

    Arride has done extensive research to bring down the required equipment cost to only Rs 2.5 lakhs.

    After taking our video lectures creation training, a faculty/institute can setup a studio in their own premises to create video lectures as shown on our home page with studio equipment costing only Rs 2.5 lakhs.

  • What is the time required to record and get a finished video of a 3 hours class?

    Arride's trains faculties to record lectures in real time, thus recording time for a 3 hour lecture will be 3 hours.

    Normal finishing done is to add a preamble of 10 to 15 seconds - doing that requires about 5 minutes.

  • eLearning Content Distribution

  • What are the different methods I can distribute my content to students?

    You can distribute your content to students both online and offline. Online options can be given to students in urban India who have access to reliable and stable internet access (which is a rarity even in metro cities of India). For rural India offline options are the best.

    For more details see the 'Content Distribution Methods' Faqs below.

  • What are considerations for selecting a content distribution technology?

    Top Three Considerations for selecting a content distribution technology should be:
    1) Technology should be hassle free for students to use.
    2) Technology should run stable day after day, month after month on the students system.
    3) Technology should encrypt the content and provide a high level of security. DO NOT consider content distribution technologies which are browser based, LMS based, DotNet based or Java based as these provide little to no security. If you are approached by a vendor ask them on which plaform their technology is based. If you get an evasive or avoiding answer, feel free to contact Arride - we will help you in the evaluation.

    There are many other considerations but only the top three are listed here to keep the list a managable size, please contact Arride using the Contact Us form below to discuss further.

  • Can I rely on my website developer to develop eLearning content distribution technology?


    Creating eLearning or any other content distribution technology is a specialised skill which is generally not available with PHP/Mysql/Wordpress/Other frameworks developers.

    To put it in simple terms creating a website is like making a bicycle, while creating a content distribution technology is like making a racing car.

    Please contact Arride using the Contact Us form below to discuss your content distribution needs.

  • Content Distribution Methods

  • What are the different methods to distribute eLearning content to students?

    eLearning content can be distibuted to students in the following ways:

    • Offline (Arride Recommended) - On Pen drives, Micro SD cards.
    • Hybrid: Online download and play offline (Arride Recommended) - Student downloads the encrypted content from your cloud and plays it offline.
    • Recorded Streaming (Not Recommended) - Here student streams the content from your servers to his playback device.
    • Live Streaming (Recommended only for doubt clearing) - Arride

    To discuss various content distribution methods their advantages/disadvantages, encryption and whether a distribution method is appropriate for your content type, please get in touch with us using the Contact Us form below. Arride is a full service eLearning solutions provider.

  • Which distribution method is better then, online or offline for video classes?

  • Student Considerations

  • Which are the devices best suited for viewing eLearning content?

    In short, large (pun intended!) screen devices are best suited for eLearning content viewing.

    Arride's research and on field testing shows that devices with 11 inch screens and above are best suited for eLearning content consumption. Thus mobile phones are generally not recommended.

    Please contact Arride using the Contact Us form below, to discuss details regarding your content type, appropriate screen size and how to create content for small or large screen sizes.


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