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Arride's Glossary of eLearning Terms

Video Lectures Creation

Chroma: Process by which a background in a video feed is removed and replaced by a user selected image, scene or video. Chroma is the very old and common process used to create superimposed or picture in picture videos like a instructor on top of content or even superman floating on top of buildings!

Real-Time: When output occurs at the same time as its corresponding input.
E.g. when you hail a road side cab or auto, you are getting a ride immediately or in real-time. Whereas when you hail a cab using an app you need to wait for the cab driver to accept your ride and to reach your location - this is delayed action and thus not real-time.
In video lectures creation, the term Real-Time (as opposed to Post-Production below) reffers to recording of the final finished video while the teacher is teaching either in a studio or a class room.

Post-Production: In video lectures creation, the term Post-Production (as opposed to Real-Time above) reffers to recording of the different video parts of the video lecture and then merging the parts together after the lecture is over. As is obvious Post-Production takes double if not more time than Real-Time recording as the merging takes equal if not more time than the original recordings of parts.

Video Lectures Distribution

Enryption: Process or Method by which readable or playable content is processed by an algorithm to make it unreadable or playable by anyone else except by that algorithm itself.
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