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Arride helps Education Providers, Faculties and Institutes, Create and Distribute Video Lectures to Students.

      Arride helps educators create and distribute eLearning Content


Arride is constantly researching the toughest challenges in content creation, distribution and computer science to help faculties deliver an enriching eLearning experience to students.

If you are student, we have no direct offerings for you, although you are the end user of all our offerings. As a student if you have consumed any eLearning, chances are high that it was created and distributed using Arride's know how and technology.

Who can benefit from eLearning?

Coaching Institutes

Increase your student reach to all of India
Arride has many success stories of coaching institutes who powered by Arride's knowhow and technology went national by getting in eLearning. They increased their market from their local city to the whole of India.

Almost all of Arride coaching institute clients have increased their student volume multiple times from their class room strength to a much higher eLearning strength.

Some faculties/institutes got such large numbers of eLearning students versus their class room student numbers, that they stopped their classrooms altogether to become online only coaching institutes.

This also turned out to be a win for students in other parts of India who earlier could not access the best of coaching.

If you are into coaching, please contact us using the form below and lets discuss how Arride's knowhow and technology can possibly help increase your student strength many fold from your class room strength to a much higher eLearning strength.

Create and Promote your own brand: Arride's distribution technologies are white labelled, so your content will be made available to your students with apps and software of your branding - Arride's name will not show any where.


Schools & Colleges

Schools & Colleges can benefit from eLearning as follows:

  • Create engrossing and rich eLearning content to get better student attention and retention.
  • Improve your class room outcomes.
  • No need to depend upon a 3rd party for eLearning content and pay them ongoing royalities. Create your own content and build your own school/college brand with your own teachers/professors!
  • Make available eLearning content created by your own teachers to your own students
  • Teacher familiarity as students see the same teachers who teach them in class in the video classes
  • Address the issue of uneven teacher quality by having your best teachers record your eLearning content and making it available in your class rooms as well as to students at home on Android and Windows devices.
  • Consistent Teaching Methodology - This is very important as now you can control the teaching methodology in the video classes to match the teaching methodology in your classrooms.
  • Cover a larger syllabus online than time and schedule constraints in the class room allow with more examples, questions and challenges.
  • Provide home revision to students in Arride apps on both laptops/desktops or Android tabs/phones
  • Students absent for a day or two can view the recorded material at home
  • On the days the teacher/s are absent the recorded lectures of the teacher can be played
  • Blended Learning

Create and Promote your own brand: Arride's distribution technologies are white labelled, so your content will be made available to your students with apps and software of your branding - Arride's name will not show any where.

Individual Teachers

Have a passion for teaching?

Have a good knowledge of one or more subjects?

Engaged in your business or profession, thus not finding time to fullfill your teaching passion?

Contact Arride using the contact us section below. We might be able to get you online.

eLearning puts less demands on your time, so that you can continue your business or profession and also fulfill your passion for teaching. The students of India need passionate teachers like you !

Create and Promote your own brand: Arride's distribution technologies are white labelled, so your content will be made available to your students with apps and software of your branding - Arride's name will not show any where.

Arride's Industry Leading Content Distribution Technologies

  • India's most widely used content distribution technology
    Arride's content distribution technologies are used by institutes big and small as well as individual teachers to distribute their content to students.

  • No need to hand over your content Open Content to Arride or any other 3rd party
    Arride content distibution technologies put the education institute/faculty in full control of their content. No need to hand over your open content to Arride or to any 3rd party, with the bilnd faith that it will not be used without your permission.

  • Promote and Market your own brand
    Arride content distibution technologies are white labelled. Promote your own brand while selling your content, instead of the brand of someone else and making them famous instead of yourself.

  • Directly sell to your student and directly collect money from your student
    No need to have blind faith on Arride or any 3rd party as to the number of students to whom your content is being sold to. Directly collect payment from Each your students.

  • Be 100% sure of how many students your content is being sold to and what the students are being charged.
    Directly collect payment from your students, remove any doubt as to much money a 3rd party collected by selling your content to students and how much money was actually passed onto you.

  • Maintain full control of number of views, allowed devices, content expiry etc. and directly charge your students if necessary. No need to have blind faith on a 3rd party to be fair to you and the student.
    Remove any doubt as to much money a 3rd party collected by selling your content to students and how much money was actually passed onto you.

Frequently Asked Questions on eLearning

Is making video lectures difficult? Do I need to be a technical expert?
Arride's training methodology is such that a person with average computer skills who is proficient in word processing, power point presentations, email, internet etc., after taking Arride's training can easily create video lectures.

Arride has trained hundereds of teachers/faculties/institutes to record their own video lectures. Click the read more button to view the testimonials.

Will I need a large video editing team with camera men to create video lectures?
No. Most faculties trained by Arride are single handedly recording their video lectures. Arride's training is designed in such a manner that the faculty becomes independent of the need any camera man, video editor etc. Thus faculty can record video lectures as and when he has time without dependence on the availability of third parties.

Once I have created my content, how do I deliver it to students?
Arride has the eLearning industries leading content distribution technology which you can use to deliver your video lectures to students.

Read More FAQ's...

Some Myths and Facts of eLearning

  • Myth: eLearning content creation setup is very costly.
    Fact: Arride's recommended basic eLearning content creation setup starts from Rs 75,000/-

  • Myth: Video Lecture recording software is very costly and difficult to learn and operate.
    Fact: The most popular video lectures creation software is Officially FREE and easy to learn and operate.

  • Myth: eLearning equipment requires highly skilled manpower to handle the recording & editing setup.
    Fact: All the Arride Trained faculties single handedly operate their eLearning setup with ease.

  • Myth: You need to hand over your content to a 3rd party for distribution.
    Fact: Arride's distribution technologies are White Labelled. Promote your own brand instead of someone elses.


As the leader in the eLearning industry, Arride offerings span the whole gamut of services that a new entrant to the eLearning Industry needs.

'Train the Trainers' Workshop

This workshop is intended to equip faculties to create high quality video lectures using Low Cost Equiment and mostly Free Software.

Studio Equipments Consultation

Arride carefully selects Low Cost Equipment and Officially Free Software to create video lectures. Arride passes on this knowledge to our clients.

White labelled Content Distribution Technologies

Arride's content distribution technologies are white labelled. Provide your own content with your own branded apps and software. No need to hand over your content to a 3rd party or let 3rd parties piggy back on your brand.

New Innovations in eLearning

Arride studio and research lab in Nagpur, India is continuously researching new techniques in eLearning content creation. Our objective is to enable faculties/institutes to create the best eLearning content at the least possible equipment and software cost.

Create best in class Video Lectures
Attend Arride's 'Train the Trainers' Video Lectures Creation Workshop.

Arride's 'Train the Trainers' program is the outcome of extensive and ongoing research at Arride to help faculties and institutes create best in class video lectures at the least possible equipment cost and mostly using Free Software.

Arride's training is imparted in a manner such that a teacher with normal user level computer skills can learn and replicate the same at his own studio or classroom.

Arride's 'Train the Trainers' workshop is offered at Arride's Nagpur office. Nagpur happens to be the geographical centre of India which is easily accessible from any city in India.

Note that Arride does not sell any equipment or software, Arride only provides training. Thus Arride has no vested interest in selling unnecessary and expensive equipment and software at exorbitant prices. Equipment recommended by Arride is generally low cost equipment and software recommended by Arride is generally freeware.

Video Lectures Samples

Arride is constantly researching new techniques and methods in cost effective video lectures creation to help faculties keep pace with the latest in the e-learning sector. Arrideā€™s pragmatic and thought provoking e-learning content development training is based on fundamental learning principles, combined with technology enablement and exclusive Arride expertise, for better and effective video lectures creation.

Arride's training focuses on creating video lectures in Real Time with little to No Post-Production being required. This reduces the video lectures creation time to 1/3rd the time required to create similar video lectures using post-production methods. This greatly improves the productivity of the faculty/institue with three times higher video lectures output. Staff requirements are minimized, with most Arride's clients recording video lectures solo without the need for any studio staff at all.

All the videos below were recorded in Real Time with NO Post-Production.
Equipment cost:
  • For Glass Board Videos: Rs 2.25 lakhs including recording software which is officially free, glass, camera, capture cards, computer system, lights, backdrops.
  • For Other Videos: Rs 1.75 lakhs including recording software which is officially free, writing tablet, camera, capture cards, computer system.

Confused about all the words used here? Go through Arride's Glossary of eLearning Terms.

Guiding Principles

India's education system suffers from multiple problems like availability, accessability and quality.

Most of rural India does not have access to quality education. In urban India where quality education is available it is mostly out of reach of the urban poor and urban middle class. Both environments suffer from quality issues which are well known with rote learning being the dominating characterstic rather than understanding and application.

Arride believes that this needs to change. To that end Arride is continually trying help coaching insitutes, schools & colleges and other educators improve the quality of their educational content. For the rural masses and the urban poor, Arride is trying to to bring to them a broader choice of teachers using our cutting edge eLearning technologies to make teaching available and accessable.

Arride Consulting and Incubation

Considering entering the eLearning market?
Take advantage of Arride's domain knowledge of the eLearning market, eLearning content creation/studio setup and eLearning technologies.

Considering embarking on an eLearning project?
Arride's consultancy can help you avoid costly mistakes in content type selection, equipment selection, technology selection and other areas.

Got an idea for an innovative eLearning product or service?
Arride's domain expertise, technology knowledge, market presence and possibly investment can help you develop and market your idea.
* Note Arride does not sign NDA's.


Arride is a bunch of energetic people with a dream of transforming education in India.

If you are an education provider we can help you evaluate the eLearning market, then create and distribute eLearning content.

If you would like to get to know our offerings better, please send us a message using the contact us section below. We promise a friendly experience!

Our Clients

Arride helps the who-is-who of the education industry create and distribute eLearning content.

If you are a student and have consumed any eLearning content, you most probably already consumed content from one of Arride's clients and already used Arride's Technologies !

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